The cruel injustices of our energy system have generated widespread support for Energy For All. Public support for our petition grew rapidly to over 650,000 signatures, and a poll showed 75% of the population back the idea.

Numerous MPs and leaders in UK civil society have supported the idea of universal basic energy.  The New Economics Foundation endorsed our idea and has shown the economics works.

We need a new approach that gives everyone a free energy allowance for basic needs like heating, cooking and lighting. But when people are powering luxury lifestyles, like heating a private swimming pool, they should expect to pay a higher rate.

DPAC supports Fuel Poverty Action's "Energy For All" proposal, it's a vital measure for the safety and wellbeing of disabled and older people in poverty. Disabled people are in a terrifying position, barely surviving or dying.

They have transformed the conversation about making sure nobody is cold in their home – and that’s started to transform the kind of changes it’s now possible to win.

Join over 650,000 people by signing the petition as an individual.

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We are now asking organisations to sign our Manifesto. If you are part of an organisation, please read the Manifesto and sign it or ask the right person in your organisation to do so.

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Some of the organisations that have already signed the Manifesto.


Keep Our Greenbelt Green

Katy Clark MSP

Kate Hollern MP

Kirsten Oswald MP


Labour Business

Lee’s Autocare

Legal Action For Women

Living Rent

Lambeth Pensioners Action Group

Left Unity

Left Unity Cumbria & North Lancs

Lewisham Pensioners Forum

London Friends of the Earth Network

Lloyd Russell-Moyle MP

LSE Housing and Communities

London Renters Union


Mick Gilgunn, Islington Councillor

Michael Pursglove - East Sussex Parish Councillor

Mayoress of Lewisham Bridgit Sam-Bailey

Maggie Chapman MSP

Monica Lennon MSP

Muswell Hill & Hornsey Friends of the Earth

Mark Ruskell MSP

Marion Fellows MP

Mary Kelly Foy MP

Mick Whitley MP

Mohammad Yasin MP



Nathalie Bienfait, Tower Hamlets Councillor

National Bargees Traveller Association

National Humph Tuners Scotland

New Economics Foundation

National Pensioners Convention

National Pensioners Convention Wales

Newnham Trades Council

Nadia Whittome MP

National Pensioners Convention Gloucester, Avon and Somerset


Olive Branch Aid


Parents For Future UK

Payday Men's Network

Pembroke Park Residents Association

Physis Care

Plymouth Trades Council


Power In Our Hands

Power to the People

Protest in Harmony Glasgow

Public and Commercial Services Union

Peace & Justice Project

Penybont & District Community Centre

People's Alliance of the Left

Professional Choice Hair and Beauty Supplies

Pukka Herbs

Pizza Island

Paul Sweeney MSP

Paula Bradshaw MLA

Power House Tenants and Residents Association

Philippa Whitford, Dr MP

People's Assembly Against Austerity


Queer Strike


Rake Gate Tenants and Residents Association

Revolutionary Socialism in the 21st Century

Rochdale Metropolitan Borough Trades Council

Refurbish Don't Demolish

RPI UK Limited

Ryecroft Community Hub

Rachael Maskell MP

Rebecca Long-Bailey MP

Rhys ab Owen MS

Renatus Vader Ltd

Richard Morgan, Bridgwater Councillor

Ria Patel, Croydon Councillor.


Sain Outdoors

Single Mother's Self-Defence

Single Parents Support and Advice Services

Social Housing Action Campaign

South East London Community Energy

South West London Law Centres

Stop Ratcliffe Incinerator Campaign

Students Organising for Sustainability

Support Not Separation Coalition

Stephanie Callaghan MSP


South Riverside Community Development Centre

Scottish Tenants Organisation

Southwark Pensioners Action Group

Switch It Green

Sam Swash, Flintshire County Councillor

Social Workers Union


The Carbon Coach

The Dandelion Community, Wythenshawe

The Race Equality Centre

The Social Guarantee

Tax Justice UK

This is Rigged

Tipping Point UK

Together Against Debt Glasgow

Trees For Birthdays Scotland

Think FC

Transition Stirling

Tim Farron MP

Tybalds Close and Residents Association

TRA Aldwych Buildings

The Big Issue

The People's Assembly

Tabi Joy, Cheltenham Borough Council

The Equality Trust


Unfair Debt Group

Unison Essex


Uptake Plus

Unite Community Plymouth

Unite Community Exeter

Unite Community South Devon

Unite Devon SW008

Unite Community Cardiff

UBI Lab Leeds


Viewpark Gardens Trust

Virendra Sharma MP


We Own It

Westgate Chapel, Bury St Edmunds

WinVisible (women with visible and invisible disabilities)

Women Against Rape

Women of Colour Global Women's Strike

Wyndford Residents Union

War on Want


Zero Carbon Guildford




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